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VentureBeat: AI could save us from making poor decisions

Even as the masses begin to settle into the idea that a great many jobs can be automated by AI, they still cling to the notion that jobs involving “judgment” are safe...

VentureBeat: Why we should augment, not automate, workers

It’s hard to not get swept up in all the hype surrounding AI at the moment. The more you research the seemingly limitless potential, the grander the scope of your ambition becomes. At first, you automate part of a workflow only to inevitably be struck with the fact you could automate the whole worker or even the entire company! Before you know it, you are positive your AI could stage a convincing coup of a small island nation — under the right political conditions, of course.

VentureBeat: A.I. isn’t about to invade your life — it already has

Imagine this fairly typical scene of modern life. You are half-heartedly watching a recommended show on Netflix while casually checking sports recaps on your phone when you receive a potential fraud alert from your bank because, while making your routine Amazon purchases, you were tempted to treat yourself to a lavish suggested item. This is hardly the kind of scene that makes for a gripping sci-fi movie. However, in this moment, every aspect of your life is positively bathed in artificial intelligence..

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