ThermoAI Case Studies

Energir Natural Gas Case Study

In collaboration with NGTC, ThermoAI is helping Energir show natural gas clients throughout Quebec how artificial intelligence can help them meet their energy efficiency goals while also lowering emissions to stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Cement Kiln Case Study

A prominent cement production company was able to identify which operators and fuel combinations best reduced costs and SOx emissions. As an added benefit, the increased understanding of combustion conditions contributed to better kiln stability and less equipment downtime.

Washington University Burner Case Study

In collaboration with the Advanced Clean Energy Research Facility, ThermoAI is working to show how artificial intelligence can maintain heat transfer levels while reducing fuel consumption and equipment wear and tear.

Power Plant Case Study

A 253.9 megawatt power plant in Latin America reduced their fuel costs and emissions footprint using customized software built by ThermoAI. The natural gas trial boosted energy efficiency and dispatchability.

Food Production Case Study

A food production plant in Peru optimized their operations for greater consistency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. ThermoAI is working to extend the service to three new facilities with the same partners in 2020.